About us


Welcome, I'm Paul Balukas, the face behind it all here at Wickedsportsman hunting & fishing apparel company.

I grew up hunting and fishing my whole life. I developed a bit of a passion for the outdoors while I was learning the ropes of the outdoors. As a young boy I always knew I wanted to have my part in the outdoors. I just didn't know how to go about it or what I wanted it to be. Years later I decided on a hunting and fishing apparel brand that can lean towards hunting or lean toward fishing or do both, also wanting it to be a family thing. So low and behold Wickedsportsman was born.

I started Wickedsportsman back in 2018 with the outdoors family in mind. I wanted to create it to be a family thing. I wanted to create something you can not only wear in the field or on the water but around town as well. Come join the Wicked fam as we continue to grow. See you in the outdoors.